Reserve a Conference Room


RATE CHANGE NOTICE: Beginning June 1st, our conference room reservation rates will increase as follows:

Subscriber Program members will be charged $20/hour.

Non-subscribers will be charged $35.00/hour.

To reserve a conference room in either the Seattle library or the Kent library, please complete the form below. The following fees and conditions apply:

Hours of Availability: the Seattle Library branch is open from 8:00am-4:30pm. The Kent Library branch is open from 8:30am-4:30pm but closes from 2-3pm for lunch; conference rooms in the Kent Library branch are not available from 2pm – 3pm.

Subscriber Reservation Fee: For members of the Public Law Library’s Subscriber Program, the hourly reservation fee is $15.00.

Non-Subscriber Reservation Fee: For all others (non-subscribers), the hourly reservation fee is $20.00. 

Reservation Fee Waiver: The reservation fee is waived for local, State and Federal government agencies making single-day reservations.

Reservations are in 30-Minute Blocks: The rooms are reserved in 30-minute blocks.

Payment Due for Single-Day Reservations: Single-day reservations must be paid in-full on the day of the reservation. All other reservations will be billed.

Legal Clinics Have Priority: The Seattle Library currently hosts four legal clinics that have standing reservations for conference rooms.  Consult the legal clinics calendar on the legal clinics page for specific days and times.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy: Should you wish to cancel your conference room reservation, you must do so within 24 hours of the reservation or you will be held responsible for the full cost of the room reservation.

Request a Conference Room Reservation:

E.g. 8:00am or 12PM or Noon
E.g. 9:00am or 12PM or Noon
Are you reserving the conference room for one day, or multiple days?
E.g. 01/02/16 or 01/02/2016 or January 2nd or January 2, 2016
E.g. 01/02/16 or 01/02/2016 or January 2nd or January 2, 2016
E.g. "Every day of the week until Friday, December 23rd," or "every Monday and Wednesday until Wednesday, December 21st" or "Every other Monday until December 26th."
There are seven (7) conference rooms available in Seattle and only one (1) conference room available in Kent. For Seattle, library staff members will assign the room based on the reservation's number of attendees. Please note that three (3) conference rooms in Seattle are given priority to our pro bono clinics and one (1) conference room in Seattle is given priority to our classes. Please refer to our legal clinics page for more information about the specific dates and times of our legal clinics. You may also refer to our classes page for more information about the specific dates and times of our classes.
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