Free videos introducing some basic but important principles about the legal process and representing yourself in a case.


5 Things to Know about KCLL

Learn about our services and how to make the most out of your visit to the Law Library.

Civil Procedure Videos

Service of Process

Our newest video teaches you the basics of serving initial paperwork.

SRL Video Series – Lawsuits Without Tears: the Basics of Representing Yourself

 Part 1 – An Introduction

Some things to think about before starting a lawsuit.

Part 2 – Court Rules

An introduction to the role and importance of court rules.

Part 3 – Case Schedule

Learn about the contents and importance of the Case Schedule.


Part 4 – Discovery

Discovery is the process of collecting documentary evidence.


Part 5 – Motions

Motions are the way you ask the court to do something.


Part 6 – Evidence

Learn basic concepts of introducing evidence into your case.


Part 7 – Ethics

Learn the importance of legal ethics.


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