Dispute Resolution Center of King County

The Dispute Resolution Center of King County (DRC) is a nonprofit organization that has offered affordable mediation and conflict resolution services for individuals, businesses, and families in King County since 1986, including:
  • Community mediations
  • Small Claims Court mediation
  • Conflict coaching
  • Individual consultation
  • Group mediation or facilitation
  • Information and referral
  • Training
https://kcdrc.org/ (206) 443-9603

Inter-Local Conflict Resolution Group (ILCRG)

The ILCRG provides mediation services to its members at no cost because members recognize that mediation is a more effective way of resolving disputes. Mediation is cost effective and improves workplace morale by resolving disputes more quickly and improving relationships in the workplace. The mediation process may uncover underlying interests that may have gone unaddressed by more conventional means of dispute resolution. Often this will assist in resolving the fundamental problems and in minimizing the recurrence of disputes. The certified mediators available through the ILCRG are employees of the member agencies and labor unions, supplemented by volunteer professionals. Participating agencies “contribute” the time of their employee mediators to other members, and in return receive mediators for their own problems from other participating agencies. In order to preserve confidentiality and impartiality, mediators do not participate in the resolution of formal disputes originating in their own agency. https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/alternative-dispute-resolution/ilcrg.aspx 206-263-2432

King County Family Court Services

Family Court Services (FCS) offers the following specific services to parents and custodians involved in family law actions:
  • Adoption services
  • Parenting plan mediations (when ordered or referred by the court)
  • Parenting plan evaluations (when ordered or referred by the court)
  • Domestic violence assessments (when ordered by the court)
  • Becca program assistance related to Truancy, At-Risk Youth, and Child-in-Need-of-Services petitions
https://www.kingcounty.gov/courts/superior-court/family/services.aspx Seattle: (206) 477-1500 Kent: (206) 477-2740  

Resolution Washington

Resolution Washington is the member association for Dispute Resolution Centers (DRCs) in Washington State. https://www.resolutionwa.org/ (206) 443-9603

The Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center

If you are faced with a conflict and need some help with it, the Conflict Resolution Center (formerly the Neighborhood Mediation Program) may be able to help you. Many people who work or live in Bellevue call us to help them resolve their conflicts through a continuum of free and confidential services. https://bellevuewa.gov/city-government/departments/community-development/conflict-assistance (425) 452-4091

University of Washington Mediation Clinic

Since 1991, the Mediation Clinic has provided free and confidential mediation services for the general public in the Greater Seattle area and for staff, students and faculty at the University of Washington. Students serve as neutral third parties to help individuals involved in a dispute negotiate a voluntary settlement of their case or conflict. https://www.law.uw.edu/academics/experiential-learning/clinics/mediation https://www.law.uw.edu/media/140945/mediation-client-brochure-march-2016.pdf (206) 685-4140

Washington Mediation Association

WMA is a state wide professional organization of mediators that includes Independent mediators, attorneys, volunteers, and organizations. Members advocate for the use of mediation as a powerful conflict resolution tool and support each other’s efforts to continually improve the quality and usefulness of mediation. https://washingtonmediation.org/

WSBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Washington State Bar Association promotes the informed use and best practices of alternative dispute resolution processes by:
  • providing resources;
  • educating members of the bar and the public; and
  • addressing issues relating to the growth and development of alternative dispute resolution services in the State of Washington.