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Corporate Forms

The Corporations Division of the Washington Secretary of State’s Office has provided the public with a list of corporate forms to create, dissolve, and amend the articles of many types of corporations. It also includes forms for producing annual reports, maintaining the organization, and creating trademarks. All forms are in a fillable .pdf format

Contempt of Court Forms

This web link points to the following standard forms used to file a contempt of court action for family law cases in Washington State.  Additional local court forms may be required and are not included here.

  • FL All Family 165  Motion for Contempt Hearing
  • FL All Family 011  Sealed Financial Source Documents (Cover Sheet)
  • FL All Family 135  Declaration of (Name)____________________
  • FL All Family 101  Proof of Personal Service
  • FL All Family 166  Order to go to Court for Contempt Hearing (Order to Show Cause)
  • FL All Family 167  Contempt Hearing Order

Child Support Schedule Calculator

The Washington State Child Support Schedule Calculator, offered by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) will help you create a set of Washington State Child Support Schedule Worksheets, which are required when you are a party to the entry of a child support order. The Calculator is based on the Washington State Child Support Schedule laws found in Chapter 26.19 RCW and the worksheets and instructions developed by the Administrative Office of the Courts. The Calculator can be used to estimate the amount of child support that might be ordered in your case. It is meant to be advisory only. The superior court judge, court commissioner, or administrative law judge has the final authority to determine the amount of child support ordered.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

This link points to the Washington State web site for the ACLU.  The ACLU is the nation’s premier organization dedicated to defending and expanding civil liberties and civil rights for all people in America.  It includes links to the national office of the ACLU as well.

Alliance for Equal Justice

Every year, the Alliance for Equal Justice helps more than 70,000 low-income and vulnerable people in Washington secure justice through a network of civil legal aid programs that provide legal information, advice, and representation. Today, more than 40 organizations are part of the Alliance for Equal Justice. Formed in 2004 out of growing collaborative efforts within the legal aid community, the Alliance is an umbrella network of all civil legal aid programs in Washington State. To increase client service, the Alliance creates efficiency, provides support, and fosters collaboration among members.

CLEAR Help Line

Brought to you by the Northwest Justice Project, CLEAR is Washington’s toll-free, centralized intake, advice and referral service for low-income people seeking free legal assistance with civil legal problems.

New Databases and Titles in the Library (November/December 2016)

Slavery in America and the World: This database is a collection of books, papers, cases, etc. from various donor brought together to give a more rounded view of slavery. You can read more about it here. This database is available through HeinOnline.

Art Law: Art Law in a Nutshell, 5th Ed. by Leonard D. DuBoff, Christy A. King, and Michael D. Murray, located at KF 4288.D83 2017

Civil Procedure: E-Discovery for Everyone by Ralph C. Losey, located at KF 8902.E42 L675 2016

Contract Law: Contracts in a Nutshell, 8th Ed. by Claude D. Rohwer, Anthony M. Skrocki, and Michael P. Malloy, located at KF 801.Z9 R64 2017

Family Law: Mastering Crucial Moments in Separation and Divorce: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Excellence in Practice and Outcome by Kate Scharff, M.S.W. and Lisa Herrick, PH.D, located at KF 535.S255 2016

Intellectual Property: Legal Guide to Video Game Development, 2nd Ed. edited by Ross Dannenberg, located at KF 3024.C6 L44 2016

Labor Law:

  • How Arbitration Works, 8th Ed. by Frank Elkouri, located at KF 3424.E53 2016
  • Inherited IRAs: what every practitioner should know, 2017 Ed. by Seymour Goldberg, CPA, MBA, JD, located at KF 3510.G65 2017
  • Labor and Employment Arbitration in a Nutshell, 3rd Ed. by Dennis R. Nolan, located at KF 3425.N65 2017

Public Safety: Fifty State Survey: Toxic Exposure Claims by Products Liability Committee, located at KF 3958.T68 2016

Zoning Law: The Zoning and Land Use Handbook by Ronald S. Cope, located at KF 5698.C63 2016

Handbook for Washington Seniors Updated

Legal Voice has updated the Handbook for Washington Seniors: Legal Rights and Resources for 2016 into 2017. The Handbook is a quick-reference guide covering legal rights, health care, housing, etc. The Handbook answers common questions about the issues seniors are likely to face. The Handbook may also be helpful to the family and caregivers of seniors.

You can find a digital copy of this resource available for free at www.legalvoice.org/handbook. You can also order a copy for $20 from Legal Voice.

You may also view a copy of this resource in the library, available at RES KF 390.A4 H36 (ask for it at the front information desk).