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Introduction to Protection Orders



If you are in a situation where a protection order of some type is necessary, watch this new KCLL video to learn about:

  • the various types of protection orders and what they do
  • the services of King County’s Protection Order Advocacy Program
  • the King County Superior Court Clerk’s role in the civil protection order process
  • resources available to help you from King County Law Library

Watch Now

Webinar – Introduction Protection Orders (3/8/2023)

Staff from the King County Superior Court Clerk’s office and the King County Law Library discuss some important procedural aspects of filing for a civil protection order.

Video Highlights:

  • 02:45 – Protection Order Advocacy Program (POAP) 
  • 05:29 – Types of protection orders
  • 09:18 – Qualifying for a domestic violence protection order (DVPO)
  • 10:27 – RCW 7.105 (new statutes for civil protection orders)
  • 14:33 – Process overview
  • 16:55 – Whom does the POAP help?
  • 19:29 – King County Superior Court Clerk (KCSC)
  • 20:36 – Clerk’s role in the civil protection order process
  • 24:09 – Required documents
  • 24:16 – Emergency vs. non-emergency protection orders
  • 27:04 – How to submit forms
  • 29:13 – After submitting paperwork
  • 30:55 – After the hearing for a temporary order
  • 33:29 – Resources
  • 35:40 – Other things that can be done in KC Script Portal
  • 37:51 – Superior Court Clerk Contact information
  • 38:20 – King County Law Library – Resources
  • 38:40 – Seattle City Attorney – Safety Planning
  • 40:44 – National Domestic Violence Hotline – Create a Safety Plan
  • 42:45 – Prosecuting Attorney’s Office – Protection Order Info
  • 44:02 – Interactive tool for generating forms
  • 47:09 – Q&A

HOW TO… Use Informal Family Law Trials (09/2022)

If you’re involved in a family law case, you may have the option of going through an INFORMAL trial – rather than the typical/formal type. There are plenty of differences, but the general idea is that if both parties agree to it, the actual trial an easier process for non-lawyers. This video will give you a quick introduction.

Video Highlights:

  • 00:36 – What IS an informal family law trial?
  • 01:16 – Can I speak directly to the judge?
  • 02:36 – What evidence does the judge consider?
  • 07:32 – What is the importance of the Case Schedule?
  • 08:15 – What is the pretrial conference order?
  • 11:17 – Who gets to ask questions?
  • 11:50 – Who can be a witness?
  • 13:48 – Can I ask the witness questions?

HOW TO… Work with the King County Superior Court Clerk (07/2022)

In this video, you’ll find a number of helpful tips for working most effectively with the Clerk’s office – including how to submit filings, how to get them to judges, how to submit audio/video files and more!



  • 00:31 – How do I get documents to the Clerk?
  • 02:48 – How do I get documents (working copies) to the Judge?
  • 05:07 – How can I view documents that have been filed?
  • 07:46 – How do I submit audio or video files as evidence?
  • 09:13 – How do I schedule a hearing for the Judge to consider my motion/evidence?
  • 10:04 – Can I still submit filings in person?



King County Superior Court Clerk : https://kingcounty.gov/courts/clerk.aspx

Filing documents with the Clerk: https://kingcounty.gov/courts/clerk/d…

Accessing court records: https://kingcounty.gov/courts/clerk/a…

KCScript online court record access: https://dja-prd-ecexap1.kingcounty.go…

Superior Court Judge’s mailroom locations: https://kingcounty.gov/courts/superio…

Webinar – Research the Law, Estate Planning (05/25/2022)

Local attorney Evelyn Emanuel introduces us to some of the more common options for estate planning – including wills, trusts and small estate affidavits.  And Librarian Ross Zimmerman goes through some helpful estate planning resources that you can access right from KCLL.org.

Helpful Links:


Webinar – An Introduction to Adult Guardianships (3/22/2022)

This webinar – featuring guest speakers from the King County Superior Court Clerk’s Ex Parte Department and a Superior Court Commissioner – will introduce you to the process of acquiring guardianship, as well as some important alternatives.

File Downloads Made Available


IMPORTANT: New Guardianship Law Effective January 1, 2022

Effective immediately, there are substantial changes to established procedures for processing of Guardianships of Adults, Conservatorships or Adults and Minors, and Other Protective Arrangements in King County Superior Court. Please review this summary of important changes to better understand what this change means for lay guardians, practitioners, and Court Visitors in King County. This document is not an exhaustive list of all policies, issues or possible hearings that can occur. You should consult the law (RCW 11.130) and/or consult an attorney.
All parties and persons are encouraged to monitor this site regularly for updates. In addition, to receive important text and/or email notices from the Clerk sign-up to receive Clerk’s Alerts.

Webinar – An Introduction to Minor Guardianships (3/8/2022)

With the help from the Superior Court Clerk’s Ex Parte department, the Family Law Facilitator’s Office and a Court Commissioner, this webinar will introduce you to the basic process of getting guardianship of a minor.  It will take into account recent legal changes that became effective January 2022.

Specific Topics:

  • 04:38 – Resources
  • 06:32 – What is minor guardianship
  • 08:55 – Minor guard. Vs. emergency minor guard
  • 11:14 – Basic steps for minor guardianship process
  • 12:02 – Overview of emergency minor guardianship
  • 13:12 – Initial forms
  • 18:33 – Initial steps
  • 20:04 – Overview of minor guardianship process
  • 21:44 – Initial forms
  • 24:04 – Who needs to be served or notified?
  • 25:52 – Additional forms if child is member of an Indian tribe
  • 26:21 – 60-day hearing/checklist
  • 27:29 – Findings & order
  • 28:06 – Responding to a minor guardianship
  • 30:42 – Service of process
  • 32:46 – Zoom
  • 38:29 – Scheduling hearings
  • 39:14 – eFiling
  • 39:55 – Q&A