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Office Hours – Estate Planning (11/29/2023)

In this edition of KCLL’s Office Hours, we’re joined by local attorneys Evelyn Emanuel and April Benson to answer your questions about estate planning.

Office Hours is a recurring webcast where a panel of experts answer questions that attendees submit before the event.  You can see a list of upcoming events HERE.

Questions Addressed in this Hour:

  • 02:20 – Introductions
  • 05:03 – What IS estate planning?
  • 09:26 – Does a “durable power of attorney” include the right to make financial decisions?
  • 09:47 – What are some of the other popular estate planning instruments?
  • 12:36 – What is a living will?
  • 16:43 – What is a pour-over will?
  • 19:42 – What is a trust?
  • 21:19 – What is the difference between a trust and a life estate?
  • 28:38 – Can I change a revocable trust to an irrevocable trust?
  • 31:38 – How do you properly transfer property into a trust?
  • 36:51 – When is a special needs trust necessary? Are there alternatives?
  • 42:43 – What is the best option to leave assets to a disabled adult child while avoiding probate?
  • 43:47 – How can I pass life insurance proceeds into a minor’s trust?
  • 50:14 – How much of inheritance is tax-exempt?
  • 55:26 – What happens to a jointly held bank account when one of them dies?
  • 56:36 – How can I find a good lawyer to help me with my trust?

Webinar – Research the Law, Estate Planning (05/25/2022)

Local attorney Evelyn Emanuel introduces us to some of the more common options for estate planning – including wills, trusts and small estate affidavits.  And Librarian Ross Zimmerman goes through some helpful estate planning resources that you can access right from KCLL.org.

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