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WTEW… Filing for a Protection Order in District Court

Video Highlights:

01:32 – What kind of order can a petitioner ask for?

02:34 – What county should I file in?

03:25 – What happens if I file in the wrong county?

03:49 – Should it be filed in District or Superior court?

04:50 – If the petition is filed in District court, will it stay there?

07:25 – Is the court required to set a full hearing?

WTEW… in Small Claims Court (Part 5 – Judgments)

You’ve won your Small Claims Court case – now what?  A King County District Court Judge explains.

Video Highlights

  • 00:19 – What are judgments?
  • 00:46 – If I win, will I get money at the end of the trial?
  • 01:25 – How long do judgments last?
  • 01:39 – Do judgments accrue interest?
  • 02:13 – How do I go about collecting on a judgment?
  • 03:12 – Can I transfer a judgment to someone else for collection?

WTEW… in Small Claims Court (Part 4 – During Trial)

In Part 4 (of 5) on the Small Claims experience, a District Court Judge explains what you can expect during the trial.

Video Highlights

  • 00:24 – When does a small claims case go to trial?
  • 01:02 – What actually happens during the trial?
  • 02:30 – Who has the burden to convince the judge?
  • 05:54 – What is the evidence standard for Small Claims Court?
  • 03:31 – What happens if the plaintiff wins?
  • 04:06 – What happens if the defendant wins?
  • 04:46 – What can be done if someone disagrees with decision?

WTEW… in Small Claims Court (Part 3 – Mediation)

In Part 3 (of 5) on Small Claims Court, a District Court Judge explains what you can expect from mediation.

Video Highlights

  • 00:28 – Why do parties have to go through mediation?
  • 00:49 – What are some of the advantages of going through mediation?
  • 01:52 – What is mediation like?
  • 02:21 – What are the possible outcomes of mediation?
  • 03:05 – How long does mediation take?
  • 03:37 – What are some additional advantages of mediation?


WTEW… in Small Claims Court (Part 2 – “Service of Process”)

This video addresses service of process in a Small Claims action – and what is necessary to initiate your suit.

Video Highlights

  • 00:17 – Introduction
  • 00:44 – What does “service of process” mean?
  • 01:16 – Who can serve the defendant?  
  • 01:35 – What are the different ways a person can be served?
  • 02:34 – Can a corporation be served?
  • 03:14 – Does the defendant have to arrange to be served?
  • 03:34 – What statutes should I review?
  • 04:12 – What is a “process server?”
  • 04:51 – What else should I know about service of process?

WTEW… in Small Claims Court (Part 1 – “Right Court, Right Claim”)

This series of five videos will introduce you to some key concepts that you should be aware of before you file your action in King County Small Claims Court.

Video Highlights

  • 00:30 – What IS the purpose of Small Claims Court?
  • 01:07 – What types of claims are allowed in Small Claims Court?
  • 02:08 – What types of claims are NOT allowed?
  • 03:54 – How much money can be claimed?
  • 04:33 – Might it be advisable to lower your damages claim so that you can use Small Claims Court?
  • 05:15 – When should I consult with an attorney?
  • 06:44 – How do you know if you’re suing the right person?
  • 07:22 – What are some examples of improper claims?
  • 09:45 – So what’s is the bottom line with “right court, right claim?”

WTEW… Using the Family Law Settlement Conference Program – HOW DOES IT WORK?

Our last video introduced you to the Volunteer Settlement Conference Program – in this video, we spend some time looking at how it works!

Points of Interest:

  • 0:36 – What’s first step?
  • 2:07 – Do I schedule the conference online?
  • 3:00 – How do I communicate with Mediator?
  • 4:34 – How do I prepare for a settlement conference?
  • 8:20 – Can I have a third-party attend my conference?
  • 9:31 – What is the effect of coming to an agreement?
  • 11:18 – How long does the settlement conference last?
  • 12:14 – Can I choose my Mediator?


Washington Courts: Civil Rule 2A

King County: Local Family Law Rule 10

King County Volunteer Settlement Program

King County Family Court Services

(Rev. 5/2023)



WTEW… Using the Family Law Settlement Conference Program – WHAT IS IT?

King County Family Court Services can connect you with volunteer attorneys who can act as mediators for your family law case. This free program can save the time and expense of a trial and satisfies the requirement that some form of alternate dispute resolution be attempted.

Points of Interest:

  • 00:40 – What is Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)?
  • 02:22 – What is the Volunteer Settlement Conference Program?
  • 05:55 – Contact information Music from www.BenSound.com



(Rev. 5/2023)

WTEW… Filing a Family Law Motion (06/2021)

This video looks at some important aspects of filing various types of motions into your family law case.

Below timepoints for some specific discussions:

  • 00:39 – Who should hear my motion – a Commissioner? Ex Parte? The assigned Judge?
  • 03:58 – How do I get my motion heard by a Commissioner?
  • 08:27 – What if I want to file more than one motion?
  • 11:07 – How do I get my motion heard by my assigned Judge?
  • 15:06 – What to know about presenting your motion
  • 16:58 – New hearing confirmation procedure (“List of Submitted Documents.”)

Master list of documents that need to be filed with Ex Parte via the Clerk https://dja-eweb.kingcounty.gov/expar…

King County Superior Court forms https://kingcounty.gov/courts/clerk/f…

Direct link to the List of Submitted Documents: https://kingcounty.gov/~/media/courts…

(Rev. 4/2022)