Rules of Conduct

Library Rules of Conduct

1. Law Library patrons shall:

a. engage in activities directly related to the use of the Law Library
b. respect the rights of other patrons and staff members
c. supervise accompanying children
d. maintain quiet

2. Law Library patrons shall not:

a. engage in disruptive and unsafe actions, such as loud talking, screaming, running, throwing things, pushing and shoving, or by behaving in a manner which can reasonably be expected to disturb others
b. harass or threaten other patrons or library staff
c. stare at or follow another patron or library staff member in a manner that is intimidating or can reasonably be expected to disturb
d. damage or deface Law Library property
e. obstruct walkways or aisles with books, briefcases, large exhibits, or personal belongings
f. consume food (except in conference rooms) or beverages unless in a container with a secure lid
g. exhibit intoxication or drunken behavior
h. solicit, panhandle, sleep, or loiter in the Law Library
i. smoke or chew tobacco or any other substance
j. bring in animals other than trained dog guides or service animals as defined by RCW 70.84.020 & .021
k. engage in an illegal activity, including but not limited to the unauthorized practice of law
l. use cell phones or other electronic devices in a manner that may disturb others
m. use the computers in a manner prohibited by the Law Library’s Computer & Internet Public Access Policy
n. leave personal property unattended for extended periods of time

3. Patrons whose actions violate any of these rules may be:

a. asked to leave the Law Library
b. removed from the Law Library by courthouse security, or
c. barred from using or being present in the Law Library

4. Failure to Comply

Law Library staff is authorized to determine what constitutes unauthorized behavior or violation of the rules.  Failure to comply with Law Library rules or the directives of Law Library staff, or to cooperate with the staff in their enforcement of these rules, may results in the loss or suspension of Law Library privileges, including but not limited to temporary or permanent removal from the Law Library premises. The Director of the Law Library or the Director’s designee may determine the length of the temporary suspension of library privileges.  Temporary suspension may be up to one year.

5. Appeal Process

Suspension of Law Library privileges may be appealed to the Board of Trustees of the King County Law Library. To appeal suspension of Law Library privileges, you must request a review of the suspension in writing. An email request shall be sent to the Law Libarary’s question form here. A written request shall be sent to:

Board of Trustees
King County Law Library
516 Third Avenue, Suite W621
Seattle, WA 98104

a. The request will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees occurring more than 72 hours after receipt of the request. The schedule of the Board meetings is posted in the Law Library and on its website,

a. The decision of the Board is final.

These rules shall be posted in the Law Library. They shall be used in conjunction with all other rules and policies adopted by the King County Law Library Board of Trustees for the governance of the Law Library.

Adopted by the King County Law Library Board of Trustees January 15, 1997, revised August 20, 2012.