KC Superior Court Clerk’s Office Launches Website Translation Project

The King County Department of Judicial Administration, also known as the Superior Court Clerk’s Office, is proud to announce the completion of the first phase of its new Website Translation Project. The project’s goal is to translate key content of the Clerk’s Office website into the top 7 languages spoken by King County users. In Phase 1, they have translated information regarding basic Clerk’s Office operations, court calendars, fees & waivers, assistance requesting court records, legal financial obligations, State v. Blake refunds, accommodations, and public disclosure requests.

From the Clerk’s Office homepage, users can click on their preferred language to access a Landing Page written entirely in and containing all translated content in that language. Links to translated content are also included on the English-language web pages for ease of access.

This is only the beginning! As the project moves forward into Phase 2, the Clerk’s Office is looking forward to providing users with additional translated content.

The Clerk’s Office welcomes feedback about this project.  Please send your comments and questions to DJATranslations@kingcounty.gov. For assistance with any Clerk’s Office services, please call 206-296-9300.

Click here to view this announcement translated into the top 7 languages spoken by King County users: Amharic, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.