General Legal

General Legal Clinics

In-person meetings have been suspended.  Visit their website to schedule a telephone consultation.

Neighborhood Legal Clinics

NLD Clinic

Public Law Libraries in King County

King County Law Library

Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington

  • Library Hours (varies due to the school year)
  • Address: 4293 Memorial Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98195
  • Website:
  • Phone: (206) 543-6794 (Reference Desk)

U.S. Courts Library

  • District Court Library: Open to the Public Monday – Friday from 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
    • Address: 700 Stewart Street, Room 1905 (19th Floor), Seattle, WA 98101
    • Phone: (206) 370-8975  (Reference Desk)
  • Court of Appeals Library: Open to the Public During Court Weeks
    • Address: William K. Nakamura U.S. Courthouse, 1010 Fifth Avenue, Suite 420 (4th Floor), Seattle, WA 98104
    • Phone: (206) 224-2310 (Reference Desk)

Other Free Resources

Toll-Free Resources
  • Inside King County: 211 Legal Referral and Information Hotline, or dial 211 (inside King County) from  8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday;
  • Outside King County: call CLEAR toll-free at 888-201-1014 from 9:15 am – 12:15 pm Monday – Friday.

Free Resources Online

Reduced Fee Resources

Attorney Referrals

County Bar Associations:

  • Contact your local county bar association to find a full fee attorney through their lawyer referral service.
  • County Bar Associations and their contact information can be found on the Washington State Bar Association Website
WSBA Moderate Means Program
  • Apply online
  • Call the toll free intake line: 855-741-6930
  • The Moderate Means Program connects clients who are middle-income earners with lawyers who offer legal assistance at a reduced cost. A participating lawyer will charge fees and may request an advance deposit, but at a lower rate.
  • Sponsored by the Washington State Bar Association

Other Resources:

  • Catholic Community Services (206) 328-5696
  • Columbia Legal Services (206) 464-1122
  • Eastside Legal Assistance Program (425) 747-7274
  • Neighborhood Legal Clinics (206) 267-7070
  • NW Justice Project (CLEAR) outside of King County only (888) 201-1012
  • Small Claims Court – King County District Court (206) 205-9200
  • Union Gospel Mission – Open Door Legal Services (206) 682-4642
  • Western District of Washington Guide to Filing Your Lawsuit in Federal court
  • LLRX This site includes links to over 1,400 state and federal court rules, forms, and dockets.
  • U.S. Government Info: This is the portal to authenticated U.S. government legal information.  It has replaced GPO Access.
  • How to File a Lien Brought to you by the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW), this website contains information that will help explain what you need to do to file a construction lien. It also provides some of the forms you need to protect your rights and collect your fees. The focus of this information is to preserve your right to file a lien, even if you never have to.
  • How to Present a Tort Claim Against the State of Washington The Risk Management Division (RMD) of the Washington State Office of Financial Management is required by RCW Chapter 4.92 to receive and process citizen’s standard tort claims against Washington State. The Self-Insurance Liability Program (SLIP) sets agency premiums and pays approved claims filed against state agencies. RMD objectively determines the state’s liability for claimed injuries. It fairly compensates claimants for damages when liability is supported, and denies claims when liability is unsupported.
  • How to Request Admission to Practice Pro Hac Vice This website, created by the Washington State Bar Association, has information and forms for attorneys from other states who wish to apply for the ability to temporarily practice law in Washington State. A member in good standing of the Bar of any other state or territory of the United States who is a resident of and maintains a practice in another state or territory, or a lawyer who is providing legal services for no fee through a qualified legal services provider may appear as a lawyer in any action or proceeding only (i) with the permission of the court or tribunal in which the action or proceeding is pending, and (ii) in association with an active member of the Washington State Bar Association, who shall be the lawyer of record therein, responsible for the conduct thereof, and present at proceedings unless excused by the court or tribunal.
  • How to Subpoena Witnesses and Documents From if you’re going to an evidentiary hearing or trial and you need to make sure that a witness shows up, or that someone brings documents or other items, you can have the person served with a subpoena issued by the court clerk. For the attendance of a person, use a subpoena. To require a person to bring documents or other items, use a subpoena duces tecum.
Appeals: How to File a Lawsuit in Federal Court:
  • U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington: Filing Your Case
    • This manual is intended to assist an individual wishing to pursue a civil action in his/her own behalf (pro se) in the United States District Court, Western District of Washington.  The Manual includes forms, information about obtaining forms from the Court’s website, and some instructions on completing the forms.
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Standards of Review
    • “The standard of review focuses on the deference an appellate court affords to the decisions of a District Court, jury or agency.” These outlines are updated annually by court staff. Users are encouraged to read the cases and conduct their own research to determine if any changes have occurred.
  • Clerk’s Papers
    • The King County Superior Court Clerk’s Office has created a handy reference page called “Clerk’s Papers” with helpful information about how appeals to the Washington Court of Appeals and Supreme Court work in relation to the King County Superior Court.  It covers topics such as Designation of Clerk’s Paper, Statement of Arrangement and Report of Proceedings.
  • Appellate Case Processing Guide
    • The Appellate Case Processing Guide is designed to assist litigants through the appellate process. Under the direction of the Court’s Community Outreach Committee, the Public Information Task Team was responsible for developing the Guide in 2001. The Model is based upon the appellate flow chart adopted by the Court and included herein. Each section of this manual corresponds with a step in the aforementioned flow chart. Sections consist of 3 components: background, timeline, and required forms or paperwork. At the conclusion of each section is a sample template.
Consumer Affairs/Complaint:
  • Attorney General’s Office: Consumer Resource Centers (800) 551-4636
  • Attorney General’s Office: Consumer Line (800) 692-5082
  • Better Business Bureau (206) 431-2222
  • Business License Services (800) 451-7985
  • Customer Service Bureau (206) 684-8811
  • Seattle Animal Shelter (206) 386-PETS
  • City of Seattle Revenue & Consumer Affairs (206) 684-8484
  • Federal Trade Commission (877) FTC-HELP
  • Insurance Commissioner – WA State Office of (800) 562-6900
  • King County Medical Society (206) 621-9393
  • King County Ombudsman (206) 477-1050
  • Moderate Means Program – Consumer/Debt Attorneys (855) 741-6930
  • Northwest Insurance Counsel (800) 664-4942
  • Report A Fraud: contractor, employer, worker’s comp (888) 811-5974
  • Safety & Health Hotline: workplace (800) 547-8367
  • Small Business Administration (206) 553-7310
  • Nursing Home Complaints (360) 236-4700
  • Washington State Bar Association: Attorney Complaints (206) 727-8207
  • WA State Department of Financial Institutions (877) RING-DFI
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (800) 638-CPSC
  • U.S. Postal Inspector (877) 876-2455
Dispute Resolution/Mediation:
  • Bellevue Neighborhood Mediation Program (425) 452-4091
  • Dispute Resolution Center (206) 443-9603
  • Family Court Services: Seattle (206) 296-9400 and Kent (206) 205-2521
  • Peace Council – Parent/Teen mediation (206) 328-5908
  • Mediation Clinic – University of Washington (206) 685-4140
Emergency Services:
  • Center Stone (206) 812-4940
  • Crisis Clinic Crisis Line (206) 461-3222 or (866) 4CRISIS
  • Community Information Line 2-1-1 or (877) 211-WASH
  • King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (888) 99-VOICE
  • Hope Link (425) 869-6000
  • Salvation Army Social Services – Seattle (206) 447-9945
  • Seattle Emergency Housing Service (206) 461-3660
  • Multi-Service Center (253) 838-6810
  • Teen Link (206) 461-4922 or (866) TEENLINK
Legal Glossaries:

Legal glossaries help explain various legal terms and ideas.  There are a number of glossaries focused on Washington state law which may be helpful when trying to understand legal concepts, language, and ideas. These resources can be useful when trying to navigate the legal system.   

Mental Health:
  • Catholic Community Services (206) 323-6336
  • Center for Human Services (206) 362-7282
  • Crisis Line (206) 461-3222 or (866) 4CRISIS
  • Harborview Mental Health Center (206) 744-9600
  • Mental Health Ombudsman (206) 477-0630
  • Sound Mental Health (206) 302-2200
  • Seattle Community Law Center (206) 686-7252
  • National Alliance Mental Illness (206) 783-9264
Public Benefits:
  • National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives (800) 431-2804
  • Northwest Justice Project (888) 201-1014
  • POWER Welfare & Economic Rights Hotline (866) 343-9716
  • Social Security Administration (800) 772-1213
  • Social Security Advocacy Project (206) 686-7252
  • Solid Ground (206) 694-6700
  • Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition (206) 324-3063
  • Seattle Community Law Center (206) 686-7252

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