Gonzaga University School of Law: Legislative History

Outlines basic procedures for conducting legislative history research in Washington state.


Legislative Information Center

The Legislative Information Center (LIC) is a service provided by the Washington State Legislature. Our mission is to provide courteous, accurate, and timely information about the Legislature and the legislative process to the citizens of Washington State and the members and staff of the Legislature. https://leg.wa.gov/lic/Pages/default.aspx (360) 786-7573


 TV Washington contains video and audio transcripts of Committee hearings, House and Senate floor debates and more, in its Archives.


University of Washington Gallagher Law Library: Legislative History

This guide identifies online and print sources for researching the legislative history of bills enacted by the Washington State Legislature. https://guides.lib.uw.edu/law/waleghis (206) 543-6794

Washington State Archives

The State Records Collections provide a vital account of public government in Washington State, beginning with the establishment of Washington Territory in 1853 and continuing to the present. https://www.sos.wa.gov/archives/ (360) 586-1492

Washington State Archives – Digital Archives

The Washington State Digital Archives is the nation’s first archives dedicated specifically to the preservation of electronic records from both State and Local agencies that have permanent legal, fiscal or historical value.

Located in Cheney, WA on the Eastern Washington University campus, the new facility was designed from the ground up to host this technically complex program. The web interface and database storehouse were custom designed specifically for the Digital Archives to hold the unique and very important electronic records found throughout the state, and to provide simple, straight forward access to researchers.

The Digital Archives includes a state of the art research room, complete with computer research stations, a high tech presentation classroom and a world-class data center.


(509) 235-7500

Washington State Legislature

The Washington State Legislature’s web site has historical materials dating all the way back to 1854.

Legislative history for bills introduced from the most recent 3 bienniums can be researched from the Legislature’s Bill Information page: https://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/

For information from 1991 through the current year, visit the Legislature’s Detailed Legislative Reports page. From there, use the Biennium drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page to select the year of the bill, then type the bill number into the Bill Number field on the left-hand side of the page. Click the Continue button to proceed. Pending legislation can be tracked here as well.

For information from 1985-present, click on the Search (Documents) link in the Detailed Legislative Reports page and scroll to the bottom. This search feature allows you to look for bills, budget bills, bill histories, and amendments from 1985-present, bill analysis reports from 1987-present, and roll call votes from 1991-present, among other things.

Archived materials from the reporting committees (dating back to 1999 in many cases) can also be found on the Legislative Committees page of the Legislature’s web site. The materials can be found under the links for each respective committee.