"Let Us Do Your Research" (LUDYR)

Read This First BEFORE You Place a Request

How The LUDYR Service Works

Running short on time?  Attorney Subscribers can hand off research to the Library’s skilled reference professionals.  Averaging more than 15 years of legal or law librarian experience, our staff has the familiarity with, and access to, print and electronic resources relevant to a wide array of legal issues.

(If you’re simply looking for a copy of a known citation, please use our Document Delivery service.)

To see what sort of work product you can expect, you can view a Sample Reply memo here.  And reply memos are usually accompanied with plenty of source documents for your consideration.

  • Cost: $100 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments.  (The first 15 minutes are free!)
  • Turnaround Time:  We typically require at least two business days from the time we confirm a project.
  • Payment will be handled exclusively through PayPal

Terms of Service

  • Responses to research questions do not constitute any kind of legal advice.
  • This service is limited to Library subscribers who are also licensed attorneys in the State of Washington.
  • Once we have received your research request, we will e-mail you a confirmation to let you know that it has been reviewed and assigned.
  • We generally need at least two business days (from the time that we send a confirmation) to return an answer.
  • The results of our research will be in the form of a memo and will be e-mailed as an attachment to a Paypal invoice.

LUDYR Research Question Form