Family Law

The Law Library staff has created a series of family law guides.  Each discusses a particular aspect of family law and is listed below:

Other Resources & Forms

  • WPF EM 01.0100     Petition for Emancipation (PTE)
  • WPF EM 01.0200     Notice of Hearing (NTHG)
  • WPF EM 01.0300     Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem (ORAPGL)
  • WPF EM 01.0400     Decree of Emancipation (DCE)
  • WPF EM 01.0500     Order Denying Petition for Emancipation (ORDYMT)

The Family Law Facilitators Office provides assistance to family law litigants who are not represented by attorneys.  They have offices in both the Seattle and Kent courthouses.  You can now see some of the materials used by the Facilitators online through a link provided on the King County Superior Court’s web site.

News & Updates

Access the King County Superior Court Mandatory Guardianship Training Video here.

The WSBA Access to Justice Board in partnership the the Administrative Office of the Courts worked together to create forms for family law cases that use simpler language that is easier to understand for non-lawyers. The hope is that these new forms create less confusion and remove some of the anxiety of filling out the forms for self-represented people. The new forms will be available to use as of May 1, 2016 and required for use by July 1, 2016. You can read more about the project and see the forms here.

If You Need More Help:

Guide to Family Law Clinics & Resources in King County

Links Updated: February 2, 2017