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Alliance for Equal Justice

Dependency and Termination of Parent-Child Relationship

Title 26 RCW: Domestic Relations

How to Present a Tort Claim against the State of Washington

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Resolution Washington

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Dealing with Death (AGO)

City of Bellevue Mediation Team

Appellate Case Processing Guide

Guardian Ad Litem Duties

How to Obtain a Domestic Violence Protection Order

Invalid Marriages in Washington State

Divorce Forms

Emancipation of Minor Forms

Legal Separation Forms

Vacating/Sealing Criminal Records

Guardian Ad Litem Court Forms

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Domestic Violence Manual for Judges

Family Law Handbook-Domestic Partnership

Family Law Handbook-Marriage

Guide to Sealing and Destroying Criminal Court Records

How to Vacate/Seal Felony Conviction Records

Guardianship Training

Find an Inmate (Washington State)

DOL: DUI Information

DOL: How to Prepare for a Hearing

Title 26 Family Law Guardian Ad Litem Guidebook

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Neighborhood Legal Clinics

Simple Dissolution (Divorce) Packet

Sealing Juvenile Court Records

King County Superior Court Forms

King County Superior Court Family Law Facilitators

Family Law Orientation Seminar (FLO)

“What about the Children” Seminar

Tort Claim Procedure for King County

King County Hearing Examiner

Legal Voice

How to Find a Lawyer in Washington State

NOLO: Law for All

Office of Public Defense

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Seattle Municipal Court

How to Vacate a Misdemeanor Record (Seattle)

Seattle Hearing Examiner

Seattle Risk Management Division

Restoration of Gun Rights

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Stalking Protection Order

When and How to Vacate Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor Convictions

How to Request a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in Family Law Cases

How to Waive Interest on Legal Financial Obligations

Eviction and Your Defense

Appeal Denial of Unemployment Benefits

Small Estate Affidavit Procedure

How to File a Lawsuit in Federal Court

How to Subpoena Witnesses and Documents

I am being Stalked. Can the Legal System Help?

How to Vacate a Civil Judgment (CR 60)

Services for Family Court Cases

Tips for Helping Children Deal with Divorce

Used Car Purchases

How to Vacate a Judgment and Stay the Enforcement of a Writ of Restitution

Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide

Working with GALS and Parenting Evaluators

E-Pro Se at the Federal District Court of Western Washington

Filing Your Lawsuit in Federal Court: A Pro Se Guide

Dept. of Transportation Toll Hearings

Getting and Reading Criminal History Reports in Washington State

Guide to Criminal Records and Employment

Voting Rights Restoration

DOL: How to Reinstate Your License

Child Support Schedule Calculator

Northwest Justice Project

Northwest Justice Project

CLEAR Help Line

Odessy Portal

Military Affidavit – Check Active Duty Status

How to Research a Legal Problem: A Guide for Non-Lawyers

Child Welfare Information Gateway

King County Superior Court “Your Day in Court” Handbook

Preparing for Your Day in Court

Washington Case Law (LexisNexis)

State Registered Domestic Partnership Information

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Youth Advocacy How-To-Videos

Rental Housing in Washington How-To-Videos

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King County Superior Court “Your Day in Court” Video

Black History Month: A Collection of Online Resources

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