Administrative Appeals: How to Proceed

The state agency issues a letter containing the final order giving specific instructions for proceeding with the appeal, if you choose. The Northwest Justice Project has written two guides for appealing decisions. One is for appeal of orders from the Employment Security Department for denial of unemployment benefits and the other is for appeal of orders from the Department of Social and Health Services for denial of public assistance benefits. The publication How to Petition for Superior Court Review talks about how to proceed after the fair hearing has been held.

These guides provide forms and instructions, including the Petition for Review, which may be used for filing in Superior Court. The guides discuss what you can expect in the process. In addition, the Northwest Justice Project has written “How to Represent Yourself at an Unemployment Compensation Benefits Hearing.” Although this publication is written specifically for unemployment compensation benefits hearing, much of the advice applies to other agency hearings as well.

The amount of information published on agency websites varies from agency to agency. Often information relating to the appeal process is contained in a section of Frequently Asked Questions. Below is a list agencies who commonly issue orders and their web sites discussing the appeals process.