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“What To Expect When…”

…Scheduling EMERGENCY Ex Parte Motions

…Appearing for a Family Law Hearing

…Filing a Family Law Motion

…Filing an Ex Parte Motion


“How To…”

…Understand Protection Orders: ANTIHARASSMENT

…Understand Protection Orders: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

…Understand Protection Orders: OTHER TYPES

…Distinguish “Restraining Orders” from “Protection Orders”

…Schedule a Family Law Hearing

…Note an Ex Parte Motion

…Complete Your Submission List

SRL Video Series – Lawsuits Without Tears: the Basics of Representing Yourself

 Part 1 – An Introduction

Some things to think about before starting a lawsuit.

Part 2 – Court Rules

An introduction to the role and importance of court rules.

Part 3 – Case Schedule

Learn about the contents and importance of the Case Schedule.


Part 4 – Discovery

Discovery is the process of collecting documentary evidence.


Part 5 – Motions

Motions are the way you ask the court to do something.


Part 6 – Evidence

Learn basic concepts of introducing evidence into your case.


Part 7 – Ethics

Learn the importance of legal ethics.


SRL Video Series – The Nuts & Bolts of Motions

 Part 1 – What IS a Motion?

A closer look at how you ask the court to do something.

Part 2 – Procedure 

A look at the court rules and scheduling for motions.

Part 3 – Content 

Notice of court date and judge’s working copies.

Part 4 – Format

What a motion should look like and what should be included.

Civil Procedure Videos

Service of Process

This video teaches you the basics of serving initial paperwork.

Probate/Estate Planning Videos

Will Basics

Learn more about the basics required for a valid will.