Remote Legal Research Databases

KCLL provides direct, free remote access to collections from the National Consumer Law Center and HeinOnline.

The National Consumer Law Center provides legal resources related to a wide variety of consumer protection issues including bankruptcy, foreclosures, debt collection, and automobile fraud.

HeinOnline is a clearinghouse for numerous primary law resources including the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations as well as a large collection of legal journals and periodicals.

✚ Click HERE to use the National Consumer Law Center Digital Collection

National Consumer Law Center Remote Database

  • Consumer protection
  • Bankruptcy
  • Mortgages and foreclosure
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Car sales

✚ Click HERE to use the HeinOnline Digital Collection

HeinOnline Remote Database

  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • United States Code
  • U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals
  • Law reviews and journals


The following commercial vendors are providing some sort of limited-time, free or trial access to some of their legal research databases.  Use terms vary and you may be required to register to access the service.

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