webinars and classes offering CLE credit

Need a quick, easy, and inexpensive CLE Credit?

KCLL hosts lunchtime CLEs via webinar that make it easy to fill your WSBA requirements.  We hold classes on an array of interesting topics and try to select those that are as as engaging as they are informative.  Not the run-of-the-mill stuff!

Here are a few of the subjects that we’ve held classes on recently:

  • Skip Tracing (finding information on people, businesses and assets)
  • First time homebuying
  • Blockchain technology
  • A.I. in legal research
  • Privacy basics
  • Legal research using KCLL remote databases
  • Copyright basics

And the cost are extremely reasonable: $20 for subscribers and $35 for non-subscribers.  AND subscribers are entitled to one free CLE per year!

To see our current list of offerings, take a look at our online catalog and select the Popular Tag “CLE Credit:

Interested in teaching a class? Wish we would teach a class on a particular subject? Contact us at with your suggestions!