Seattle Microenterprise Legal Clinic

  • Meets monthly every 2nd Tuesday of the month. The clinic lasts for 2.5 hours.
  • Hosted by Wayfind, who partners with Ventures and the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship.
  • Wayfind volunteers meet with 2-3 clients for about an hour each, providing consultation on business issues, such as choice of entity, contracts, leases, intellectual property, etc.
  • Those interested in attending the clinic must contact one of Wayfind’s partners (Ventures and the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship) and enroll in their programs to qualify for legal help services.
  • More information: website,, 1-866-288-9695

Other Resources

  • Corporate Forms The Corporations Division of the Washington Secretary of State’s Office has provided the public with a list of corporate forms to create, dissolve, and amend the articles of many types of corporations. It also includes forms for producing annual reports, maintaining the organization, and creating trademarks. All forms are in a fillable .pdf format.
  • Department of Labor This is the official web site of the U.S. Department of Labor.  At this site you can find information about national job or jobless rates, the consumer price index, and frequently-requested DOL forms.
  • Department of Labor & Industries L&I is a Washington State agency dedicated to the safety, health and security of Washington’s workers. It helps employers meet safety and health standards and inspects workplaces when alerted to hazards. As administrators of the state’s workers’ compensation system, L&I is similar to a large insurance company, providing medical and limited wage-replacement coverage to workers who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses. Their rules and enforcement programs also help ensure workers are paid what they are owed, that children’s and teens’ work hours are limited, and that consumers are protected from unsound building practices.
  • Department of Revenue The Washington State Department of Revenue accounts for and processes tax revenues, distributes money to local governments, develops tax legislation, manages the state’s Unclaimed Property Program, administers property taxes, audits and collects delinquent taxes, locates unregistered businesses, conducts tax and fiscal research, and provides taxpayer assistance, information, and education.
  • Department of Treasury This is the official web site for the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  At this site you can find information about national interest rates, home ownership, federal taxes and frequently-requested DOT forms.


Links Updated February 2017.

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