New Databases and Titles in the Library (November/December 2016)

Slavery in America and the World: This database is a collection of books, papers, cases, etc. from various donor brought together to give a more rounded view of slavery. You can read more about it here. This database is available through HeinOnline.

Art Law: Art Law in a Nutshell, 5th Ed. by Leonard D. DuBoff, Christy A. King, and Michael D. Murray, located at KF 4288.D83 2017

Civil Procedure: E-Discovery for Everyone by Ralph C. Losey, located at KF 8902.E42 L675 2016

Contract Law: Contracts in a Nutshell, 8th Ed. by Claude D. Rohwer, Anthony M. Skrocki, and Michael P. Malloy, located at KF 801.Z9 R64 2017

Family Law: Mastering Crucial Moments in Separation and Divorce: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Excellence in Practice and Outcome by Kate Scharff, M.S.W. and Lisa Herrick, PH.D, located at KF 535.S255 2016

Intellectual Property: Legal Guide to Video Game Development, 2nd Ed. edited by Ross Dannenberg, located at KF 3024.C6 L44 2016

Labor Law:

  • How Arbitration Works, 8th Ed. by Frank Elkouri, located at KF 3424.E53 2016
  • Inherited IRAs: what every practitioner should know, 2017 Ed. by Seymour Goldberg, CPA, MBA, JD, located at KF 3510.G65 2017
  • Labor and Employment Arbitration in a Nutshell, 3rd Ed. by Dennis R. Nolan, located at KF 3425.N65 2017

Public Safety: Fifty State Survey: Toxic Exposure Claims by Products Liability Committee, located at KF 3958.T68 2016

Zoning Law: The Zoning and Land Use Handbook by Ronald S. Cope, located at KF 5698.C63 2016