Borrow Books and DVDs

All of the Law Library’s resources are available for free to anyone who visits one of our branches.  Individuals who also wish to check out materials are required to join the Subscriber Program and pay the appropriate fee.  Participation in the Subscriber Program also provides a reduced rate for class fees, document delivery services, and conference room reservations.

Overdue books are subject to fines, which accumulate at a rate of $1.00 per day, per book.

Subscriber Program Rules

All subscribers agree to be bound by the rules of the Library. Any subscriber who flagrantly or persistently violates the Library rules will have their subscription privileges suspended or terminated by the Board of Law Library Trustees. A copy of the rules are available from the Library. For more information regarding the subscriber program or to obtain an application please contact the law library staff at 206-477-1305.

Get Documents Delivered

KCLL Delivers is a service which provides copies of known statutes, regulations, cases, law review articles and textbook citations from our collection. Documents can be delivered via standard mail (plus postage), fax, email or made available for pick up at the Library. Orders are accepted for known citations only. There is a limit of 10 citation requests per day per person. Orders placed after 4:00pm may not be available until the next business day. An invoice will be sent electronically. Payment can be made online via PayPal, by check via mail, or cash or Visa/MasterCard (in-person only).

Pricing Schedule

Library subscribers qualify for three free document deliveries per year. (This is a $60 dollar value based on current subscriber pricing.) Learn more about becoming a library subscriber HERE.

Fee per citation from electronic sources not requiring copying, printing and/or scanning (email delivery only):

  • $20.00 per citation for subscribers
  • $25.00 per citation for non-subscribers
  • No page limit but attachments are limited to 10 MBs per King County email policy

Fee per citation from paper sources requiring copying and/or scanning or electronic sources requiring printing (email or fax delivery):

  • $20.00 per citation for subscribers
  • $25.00 per citation for non-subscribers
  • plus an additional .20 cents per page for sources over 20 pages, with a limit of 50 pages per citation

To Place An Order

Please use our online request form to submit your request.

Let Us Do Your Research

Running short on time?  Attorney-subscribers* can hand off research to the Library’s skilled reference professionals and we will provide a research memorandum including references to applicable law and resources.  Averaging more than 15 years of legal or law librarian experience, our staff has the familiarity with, and access to, print and electronic resources relevant to a wide array of legal issues. Research services are billed at a rate of $100 per hour, in 15 minute increments.  Click here for more information. 

* This service is limited to current subscribers who are licensed to practice law in the state of Washington.

Use a Computer

Enjoy free WiFi at both the Seattle and Kent branch of the King County Law Library.


The Seattle Library has seven public computers with access to Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer and HeinOnline. The Seattle Library also has three computers that are reserved for research database access only (two for WestlawNext and one for LexisNexis).  The LexisNexis computer also has access to SupportCalc, a software program for compiling child support forms. 

Maleng Regional Justice Center:

The Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) Library has four public computers.  All have access to Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer and HeinOnline. Additionally, PC 2 has WestlawNext, PC 3 has SupportCalc and PC 4 has LexisNexis.

Computer Use Policy:

Computer use is limited to two hours per person per day.  Registration and logon information is available at the front desk. Reservations are not accepted.

Patrons may retrieve files from USB flash drive or CD-ROM and save to USB flash drive. USB flash drives are available for purchase at the Library for $10.00. Print outs are $.20 per page. Payment by cash, check or VISA/MasterCard ($5 minimum for cards).

Make Copies

The Law Library has two photocopiers in its Seattle location and one photocopier in its Kent location. These copiers make both standard and legal sized copies. They also have automatic document feeders to allow for quick copying of large documents.

The Law Library charges 20 cents per page for black and white copies and 75 cents per page for color copies. Color copies must be requested at the Information Desk. The photocopiers accept coins, one dollar bills and five dollar bills. The library also sells copy cards in $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 denominations, which can be recharged. To purchase a copy card or to make change for a large bill, please inquire at the Information Desk.

Send or Receive a Fax & Scan Documents

Faxing Services and Prices

You may send or receive faxed documents at either branch using our public fax service.

Prices for Sending or Receiving a Fax:

$1.00 for the first page, $.20 per page thereafter. Outgoing faxes of more than 20 pages may need to be split into 2 or more jobs. 

To Send a Fax from the Law Library:

Submit your documents to the staff, wait for successful completion of the fax, pay the fee and retrieve your originals.

To Receive a Fax at the Law Library:

Give the Library’s fax number to the sending party, notify the Library that a fax is coming, and pick up and pay the fee.

Unclaimed incoming faxes will be discarded at the end of the day.

Fax Numbers:

Scanning Services and Prices

Price for Scanning

$1.00 for the first page, $.20 per page thereafter, for each finished .pdf document. 

For example, a stack of 5 documents consisting of 5 pages each that is scanned into one finished .pdf would be $1.00 for the first page plus $.20 for each additional page (24 pages x $.20 each = $4.80) or a total of $5.80. The same stack of 5 documents scanned into individual .pdfs would be charged $5.00 for the five first pages plus $4.00 for the additional four pages of each document (4 pages x 5 documents = 20 pages x $.20) for a grand total of $9.00.

You must provide a USB drive to save the scanned files or you may purchase a USB drive from the Library for $10.00. Files will be given a generic name (e.g. KCLLEFILINGSCAN001.pdf) and will need to be renamed before you use them. You can use the Library’s public access computers to E-File documents through the King County Superior Court. You can also create documents in MS Word on the Library’s computers and save them as a PDF file using the free CutePDF Writer printer that is installed on the computers.

Attend a Legal Clinic

Today, more people are representing themselves in legal proceedings than anytime in the past. The library’s effort to provide limited legal help is part of a statewide movement to meet the ever-growing unmet legal needs of Washington residents. Low-income Washingtonians average 9.3 legal problems per year and a vast majority of them do not get legal help for those problems.

We are here to help.

Find more information about the legal clinics offered at the King County Law Library at our legal clinics page.

Use or Reserve a Conference Room

Our room reservation rates have changed.  See the details below.

In the Seattle Library

The Seattle library has 6 conference rooms available for public use on the sixth floor of the King County Courthouse. All rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis unless there is a scheduled legal clinic or reservation.

Conference Rooms 1-4 are located on the north-side of the library. Two of these are smaller meeting rooms that seat 3-5 people comfortably and the other two are larger rooms that seat 6-8 people around the tables with plenty of space left for more people around the room.

Conference Room 5 is located at the south-end of the library and is one of our larger rooms that comfortably holds 6-8 people or more. Food & beverages are allowed in all of the conference rooms.

Conference Room 6 and the Legal Research and Training Center (LRTC) is also available for reservation (no walk-in use), subject to availability.

In the Kent Library

The Kent library in the MRJC has 1 conference room available for public use on a first-come, first-served basis and for reservation. This room seats 4-6 people comfortably.

Reserving a Conference Room

To reserve a conference room in the Seattle library or Kent library please visit our conference room reservation page. The following fees and conditions apply:

For members of the Law Library’s Subscriber Program, the hourly reservation fee is $20.00.

For all others (non-subscribers), the hourly reservation fee is $35.00. 

The reservation fee is waived for local, State and Federal government agencies. If you have questions as to whether or not you qualify for a reservation fee waiver, please call us at (206) 477-1305.

The rooms are reserved in 30-minute blocks.

Single-day reservations must be paid in-full on the day of the reservation.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy: Should you wish to cancel your conference room reservation, you must do so within 24 hours of the reservation or you will be held responsible for the full cost of the conference room reservation.

Legal Clinic Reservations

The Seattle library currently hosts four legal clinics that have standing reservations for conference rooms.  Consult the legal clinics page for specific days and times. 

Notarize a Document

We offer the following notary services in both of our locations:

  • Witnessing signatures
  • Oaths and affirmations
  • Verification upon oath or affirmation

Not all staff members are notaries so please contact us in advance to arrange a time to meet with a notary.  The fee is $10.00 per signature.

Office Supply Price List

The following office supplies are available for purchase in-person at either branch location of the library.

Sticky Notes

$0.50 per pad

Business Letter Envelopes

$0.20 each

Sheets of White Paper

$0.05 each

9×12 Envelopes

$0.50 each

Large Pad of Paper

$1.50 per pad

Small Pad of Paper

$1.00 per pad

USB Drive

$10.00 (2-4 GB)


$0.50 per stamp

Prices revised 06/16/2016