Author: Ross Zimmerman

Environmental Hearings Office

The mission of the Environmental Hearings Office (EHO), which is comprised of two independent environmental boards, is to conduct fair and impartial hearings and issue clear and well-reasoned decisions, provide expeditious and efficient resolution of environmental appeals through hearings and alternative dispute resolution processes, foster a consistent statewide interpretation of Washington’s environmental laws in agency decision making and appeals, and assist parties in understanding the hearing process to ensure meaningful and enhanced access to justice. The website contains EHO decisions back to 1970, as well as sample forms for conducting an administrative appeal of an EHO decision.

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ESD Precedential Decisions of Commissioner

The Precedential Decisions of Commissioner set forth interpretations of both procedural and substantive law governing adjudications under the Washington State Employment Security Act, Title 50 RCW. The Decisions are binding on Department adjudicators, administrative law judges of the Office of Administrative Hearings and the review judges of the Commissioner’s Review Office. The Decisions have been cited as persuasive authority by the Washington State trial and appellate courts.

How to Appeal a Denial Of Unemployment to Superior Court

Authored By: Unemployment Law Project

This is a self-help guide for appealing a denial of unemployment benefits in Washington State that contains instructions as well as necessary forms provided by the Northwest Justice Project.

This explains Superior court review of an administrative decision relating to unemployment benefits. If you lose your claim at the administrative hearing, you have another level of administrative review. It is called a “Petition for Review.”