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Office Hours – Landlord/Tenant Laws (11/1/2023)

In this episode, our guest panelists answer your questions about landlord tenant laws.

Questions Addressed in this Hour:

  • 03:32 – What laws govern rent increases?
  • 04:42 – How do criminal convictions affect one’s ability to rent?
  • 07:44 – Is there any access to free lawyers?
  • 09:42 – What is an “order of limited jurisdiction?”
  • 12:28 – What type of notice is required if a landlord needs to enter your unit?
  • 13:44 – What if you don’t want your landlord to go into your unit?
  • 15:30 – Can landlords profit from billing for utilities?
  • 18:08 – Is a business license required for landlords?
  • 19:52 – What happens if a tenant does not respond to a 14-day “pay rent or vacate” notice?
  • 21:18 – Can a tenant be evicted because the owner wants to sell the property?
  • 24:02 – Is the ERPP (Eviction Resolution Pilot Program) still in effect?
  • 24:42 – Is there a cap on what can be charged for late fees?
  • 26:47 – How are non-payment evictions handled for roommates who share the rent?
  • 29:09 – Would a parent need to formally evict an adult offspring to get them out of the parent’s house?
  • 31:00 – Can a homeowner disconnect utilities (water, wi-fi, etc.) for an unwanted houseguest?
  • 35:47 – Is there an easier way to get squatters off of my property (e.g., “trespass letter”)?
  • 38:15 – Can there be penalties for a tenant that impedes a property tour?
  • 35:53 – What constitutes “ordinary use” in a tenancy?
  • 40:32 – Can a tenant’s invited guest be held liable for damage after to property after it has been vacated?
  • 42:29 – How long does a tenant have to dispute the return of a damage deposit?
  • 43:21 – Can one use current laws to sue for a tenancy dispute originating under older laws?
  • 45:05 – Can a tenant change the locks without providing keys to the landlord?
  • 48:26 – Under “just cause” eviction laws, would I have to offer a lease to a squatter if they qualify?
  • 50:05 – What is a “notice of abandonment?”
  • 51:32 – Which statutes govern tenant the screening process?
  • 53:21 – If a tenant reports harassment by other tenants, can the landlord threaten to raise the rent?
  • 55:04 – What kinds of resources are there that help tenants with an eviction on their record?
  • 57:04 – When can a landlord treat an empty unit/property as “abandoned?”
  • 57:57 – Are there any implications for renting a property to a family member at below-market rates?